PUISSANCE - wersja oryginalna wywiadu

1) I guess the first thing most people who know you would ask is why you left Cold Meat and what the exact relations with your old label are at the moment ...

Well we felt that we had outgrown coldmeat industry, the Fluttering Dragon is a much more relaible and stabile concept which is even though itīs a fairly new label a very good one, Itīs not that we don+t lke cold meat donīt get me wrong but we still feel that we had to renew ourself and that we needed something a bit more real, our contact with xa of Fluttering is fine and he does a really excellent job, We are very happy with his work so far,

2) What made you choose Fluttering Dragon then? It's a very fine label in its own right, but 'Western' bands do not usually sign to Polish labels, if you know what I mean ...

Well there is a trend of increased interest in the Eastern countries, as you probably are aware, Poand is the rising star of the east and we really donīt want to miss out on the possibilities that comes with a your new-brn market economy, we could from the start that Xak was very dedicated and hardworking, and since he managed to start up a label under the current conditions in Poland, we cantīsee how he could possibly fail when the Polish economy stabilizes and he gets some true possibilties of expansion, we choose Fluttering Dragon for its capabalities and probability of expansion, and of course the dedication that he shows, we feel that his and our intesities and intentions match very well.

3) I personally think that "Mother of Disease" is your best production to date - do you see it that way? In what way is it different from the previous two full-length releases?

Well the concept of MOD is still the same, our utter contempt for mother earth and her all too willing slaves (mankind), we feel that life ais a self-cheapening institutuion as it obides by the rules of nature and evolution, our own greed and desire for petty succes is what keeps us from evolving and forces us to strive backwards through life in this over-teched world, human do for the most part fail to see the agony this evercontinous struggle for freedom and independence brings, we are all to eager to blame circumstances rather thatn ourselves, and in this festering pit of selfrightous agony and guiltrips we are always willing to reach out for the next available prepackaged "meaning of life" piece of junk merchandise that is up for sale. Most of the people i have met claim to be thinking beings with own values and ideals (i however do not claim this), and in doing so they just show off their blatant ignorance to all their predecessors, show me one person in the last 1500 (or ever for that matter)years who has come up with a truly original thought, even i you claim to be able to mention several you will be incorrect (i assure you) and ill urge you to reflect on this, All that mankind has done with its existence is try to improve already existing features of nature, the invention of the wheel for instance (which happens to be my favorite example), this fabulous innovative and completely original (NOT) invention may on the surface seem like a progress but really isnīt, you see when the wheel was invented (no one knows how but probably someone saw something roll, a log or rock or whatever, thus making it a refined product of nature, right?) it solved some immidiate problems of transport for instance of heavy object like rocks but in the process it created new ones, for instance where is the wheel to be used? on a road right? and what does that mean, well it simply means that we have to create a road (hard work but what the hell). What else does the wheel bring? well now our enimies know which way we are going to take when we transport something that we really want, so now we have the problem of risking ambush, and what else does it bring? maintenance of the road (and the wheels of the the transport wehicle of course). It also brings us closer to a society of different classes, the one who controls the wheel (King) and the one who doesnīt (Slave). This is a very simple argument and i donīt expect many people to agree with me, but thats not for the lack of logic in this but rather because of their own ignorance, many of you will argue that what applies to one invention does not apply to another, let me therefore specify another example, the computer for instance (donīt get me wrong here i like computers,they are logical and far more reliable than people), the computer is a very powerful tool as it works as an extension of the brain, it can handle complex maths that we canīt do on our own but at what price? well they all work fine as long as the software is written correctly and no one decides to fuck with your setup, but.... The problem isnīt really that they donīt work like should its exactly like it is with the wheel, we donīt use them for what they are intended for, and that is to aid us when we have a problem that we cannot handle, we make ourselves depend on our inventions, most people have cars and are thus depending on their wheels to take them where they want to go (but sometimes the car breeaks down and that poses a great problem right?) and we have now become very dependant of computers, everybody has one but few has taken the time to try to understand how it really works, this makes the IT society very vulnerable and unsafe, there is now a whole bunch of threats that normal people didnīt have to face just a few years ago, like for instance backdoors and trojans to rip off you banking details or virii to take out several weeks of essay writings that students struggle with and so on, the cell-phone is yet another example, itīs a functional device and can be handy, but it also puts a lot of stress on the person who has it, he now has to choose whether he should turn it off (and risk that imortant call heīs been expecting all day) or if he should leave it turned on and risk getting a call from someone he doesnīt like talking to, there is also the danger of serious money loss if someone decides to clone it, tough eh? I feel that all inventions made to enhavnce our comfort are just another form of plague, a manmade plague that only makes us wish for yet another technical progress to get us the hell out of it. But some may argue that what you gain from technical progress is greater than the cost, but i canīt really agree when i see that almost everyone i meet is emotional wreck because of the ever increasing pace at which we lead our lives. So why the hell have i been rambling about all this crap for so long, well the answer is that its one of the reason that Puissance want to exterminate life and the forces that drive the world into insanity, we loath evolution be it in plants animals or humans, its all the same, biological waste and it should be terminated, we are the mother, the mother of disease.

4) The title track, as well as several others, seems to be woven around the idea of a nuclear disaster - the eponymous "mother of disease." Is there any particular reason for the choice of this particular motif? Obsession with the nuclear power perhaps?

Well there is of course the obsession of nuclear power yes, but its not as much the nuclear thing as it is the story behind it, Its a really wierd thing this atomic power, its almost biblical in a sence, i myself would have to refer to the nuclear capabilities and its evolution as the human race taking control over the hand of God, Think about it, its utterly uncontrollable and totally devastating, once you activate you canīt do anything about it, its a natural force anfd we are not equipped to deal with such powers, A country like India for example where democracy and social standards is nothing but a poor joke, still they have nuclear weapons, one canīt do anything but laugh at the idea of it, itīs like giving rocket launchers to children (only a lot worse), no one knows who will have bnuclear capabilites in the next few years, no one even knows who really has them now either, its really funny to me to think of the total negligence of Eisenhower and his gang, what the hel where they thinking ,hehe. Anyway it is a really fascinating subject and i feel that this hand of God that was given to us by science is somehow gong to be involved in our demise, it sounds pretty reasonable donīt you think?

5) PUISSANCE's politics have always been an object of strong controversies. What exactly are your political views? Judging from the titles and some past interviews you're leaning towards the conservative, right-wing if you will, side of things ... What exactly is the status here?

We dont have any political views, Puissance is totally dedicated to human behaviour and error, and the the extinction of all life, there is no political concept for such views as ours, there simply wouldnīt be any point, All pilitical systems strive to build and to create a working society but we donīt, so therefore we can not have any political connection. We strive for doom, not order

6) One of the past Cold Meat catalogues states that you have been declared clinically insane - a marketing ploy or reality? Would that have anything to do with your radical views?

Well it is true, i was deemed mentally unsound by psychatrists over here, and a lot of it has to do with my views on human existence, I donīt feel that i have much of a problem as long as im left alone, but i canīt stand the idea of leading a normal life and having to give up my musical creation, it would most certainly kill me

7) You seem to be active in several other musical projects operating in various genres - why not have one total band?

I have a lot of things to say and a lot of different types of music that i wanna do, i canīt incorporate all of it in just one band, it would be far to strange and the lyrics would be incoherent, it would just be a big mush of sound with incomprehendable mublings or something, Partly that is why i use Henry as a refine unit for my creations, when the Puissance trax tend to drift towards something a bit to wierd he is there to pull me back and give another perspective, he is a grweat help, but there are also bands in whioch i work completely without him, i always ask his opinion though, he is usually a good and openminded judge (at least when it comes to music, i donīt think he would be very nice to people though hehe)

8) Plans for future? Is the next album going to be out on Fluttering Dragon too?

Yes actually there is a new Puissance Album coming up very soon, and Xak is also going to release another band which im involved in called Tripwire, I wonīt tell you much about Tripwire, but i can say that anyone who listens to it is in for a bit of a surprise, it sort of belongs under the industrial label, but it has elements that stands out a lot, give it a try when it gets out, i promise itīll be worth your while